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Sale Barn Renovation Project

What It Was

      In 1920, leaders in the agricultural community of western Bradford County bet their future on one building to be built in Troy. The Livestock Sale Pavilion opened to multiple livestock sales in 1922 and increased the economic activity in Western Bradford County for nearly a century. Sale days filled the town. In the early years in Troy the train brought people to these sales from Canada, New York City, Philadelphia and more places, near and far. As the decades flew by, businesses in Troy grew with the support of the agricultural activity at the Sale Barn. Farming families came to town for the sale and also did their banking, bought the groceries, shopped along the streets and made Troy their hometown. As the town grew, banks flourished, car dealerships grew, good jobs increased and the schools flourished. This growth and success meant by the early 1950's, finding a house for sale in Troy was nearly impossible. The Troy Historical Society is currently involved in a community project to save the Sale Barn. The Society believes the building has great historical significance to the area, having been a central hub of economic activity for nearly 100 years. In addition, the community has a need for a Center for the Arts, an attraction to bring visitors into town to support restaurants and businesses. As a new home for the Troy Historical Society, the property can be managed as a center for our youth and a magnet for economic activity.
Nineteen founders united in efforts to create a building that changed history.

We are looking for the founders of the new center, to change history

Upstairs will be "The Theater" with rows of stadium seating.


       The Theater will have an Elizabethan style stage, the only venue in the twin tiers with this kind of performance potential. Unique opportunities for youth of our area to experience programs, and for them to participate in programs. We will be able to experience a wider range of attractions in Troy to help us promote business downtown.

Downstairs below the theater - "The Reception Area"

The lobby gathering area, meeting tables, and six built-in display kiosks make a home for The Troy Historical Society and the collections on display.

The Barn transformed to "The Hall"

The main back barn will be converted and become "The Hall", suitable for wedding receptions, dancing, sales and auctions. An area used recently for a farmers market, this area will compliment the theater and lobby to make the facility a full service property for many larger events.

The Theater                 The Lobby                    The Hall
StageType StageType StageType

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Save The Sale Barn





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